SFC - Terms & Conditions

1. Our Lions Advantage Payment Plan has been designed to make the membership renewal process easier and more affordable for Subiaco members. The Lions Advantage Payment Plan offers the option to make a once off payment to the club annually. 


2. To start payment using a Lions Advantage Payment Plan simply elect through the 2023 Subiaco Membership renewal process. 


3. By electing to pay your Subiaco membership via the Lions Advantage Payment Plan you agree to these Lions Advantage Payment Plan Terms and Conditions (Terms and Conditions). 


4. These Terms and Conditions are to help you understand the responsibilities (both the members and Subiaco) and other terms and conditions that apply to your Lions Advantage Payment Plan. 


5. Payment Plan Terms 

A. Lions Advantage Payment Plan – Annually 

Subiaco will deduct from the member’s nominated Visa or Mastercard account one single payment of the full amount of the member’s membership cost for the following WAFL Season.  

The one-off annual payment will be processed in November every year.

Members who receive their application or if the application is received after this date, payment will be processed when application is received. 


6. These Terms and Conditions outline the rights and responsibilities a Subiaco member has with regard to the ability of the club to directly debit the nominated credit card for any instalments or fees due by the member under the terms of a Subiaco Membership. Should a member have any queries regarding the Subiaco Membership Terms and Conditions please contact the Subiaco Membership Services team on (08) 9208 9999.


7. By agreeing to a Lions Advantage Payment Plan the member authorises the club to arrange a transfer of funds from the nominated credit card (VISA or MasterCard only) in the applicable amounts and at the intervals advised by the club in the Membership Renewal Notice.  


8. All members on the Lions Advantage Payment Plan are automatically included in an Auto Renewal Agreement, facilitating automatic renewal of your membership from year to year. By initiating payment of a Subiaco Membership by a Lions Advantage Payment Plan, the member accepts the automatic roll-over of their membership in subsequent years. 


9. Members will be provided with a minimum of thirty (30) days’ notice in writing (usually via email) of the payment amount that will be deducted from their credit card for the following season’s membership. 


10. Members will receive written notice in October of each year detailing the next year’s membership fees and associated conditions of the Lions Advantage Payment Plans (the Membership Renewal Notice).


11. Members have a right to opt-out of their Lions Advantage Payment Plan and their Subiaco Membership. 


12. Members can only opt out of the Lions Advantage Payment Plan at the conclusion of their instalment and prior to the first instalment for the following WAFL Season by notifying the club either in writing by email info@subiacofc.com.au or by contacting the Subiaco Membership Services Team on (08) 9208 9999.  


13. Members acknowledge that it is their responsibility to inform the club when receiving the Membership Renewal Notice that they wish to opt out of their Subiaco Membership and the Lions Advantage Payment Plan within the time period detailed in the Membership Renewal Notice. Members will be provided with a reasonable period to exercise their right not to renew, which is thirty (30) days prior to the first payment plan instalment. 


14. If no contact is made by the member, then the member acknowledges that the club will operate on the understanding the membership has rolled over to the following year and payments by the Lions Advantage Payment Plan will continue as detailed in the Membership Renewal Notice.


15. All due payments must be complete at the time of opting in of the Lions Advantage Payment Plan.  


16. It is the Member’s responsibility to ensure that  the account details you have provided are correct, including notification should the expiry date of your method of payment change within the year and you have sufficient clear funds available in the nominated bank account on the scheduled drawing date.


17. If your debit is returned or dishonoured by your financial institution, an email and/or phone call will be sent by the club requesting immediate payment. Any fees levied to you by your financial institution will be payable by you. 


18. The club will notify you by letter, email or phone call if we suspend or cancel your Lions Advantage Payment Plan. 


19. The club reserves the right to suspend a member’s Subiaco Membership should they not respond to requests regarding outstanding debt from the club. 


20. The club reserves the right to cancel a member’s Lions Advantage Payment Plan where there are ongoing payment issues, and request the member pay their fees up front the following WAFL Season. 


21. If your membership is suspended or cancelled, you will not be able to gain access as a Subiaco Member to any matches where we are assigned as the Home team during the WAFL Season. 


22. The Club expects all memberships to be paid in full annually. If, for whatever reason the member has not paid the entirety of their membership amount, it will be held on account to such a time as the member pays the outstanding balance. The club will not accept any new membership applications from members with outstanding amounts from previous seasons still owed. It is the member’s responsibility to pay the total owed amount before purchasing a new membership. 


23. If you believe that a withdrawal has been initiated incorrectly, please contact the Subiaco Membership Services team on (08) 9208 9999. Members will receive a refund for the amount withdrawn if the club cannot substantiate the reason for drawing. 


24. Once a membership has been purchased, the club is under no obligation to refund payments relating to that membership, unless required by law. Requests for refunds will only be considered in exceptional circumstances, such as financial hardship and at the sole discretion of Subiaco.